Thursday, 7 November 2013

Venus in UV and IR, with animation

Anthony Wesley is continuing to experiment with photographing Venus in daylight.

Venus is currently the furthest south it has been since 1930, which explains why it has been lingering so high in our Southern Hemisphere skies in recent weeks.

Anthony explains the shots:
Here is an image of Venus in UV from today [5 November] in good seeing, probably the best daytime seeing recently. Image was captured almost an hour before sunset.

Here's [above] an image of Venus from this afternoon [4 November] in UV light, not very good seeing.
Here is a 4-frame animation of Venus in infrared (0.9–1.0 micron) from yesterday afternoon. The timelapse covers just on 3 hours and is long enough to see cloud motion due to the high speed winds, even with the significant seeing changes between the frames.

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