Saturday, 9 November 2013

Jonathan Powles hits a purple patch with NGC 1365

NGC 1365

The Great Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1365 is a popular target in our southern skies right now. Jonathan Powles shared this great photo he took over a couple of nights. He explains:
I'm feeling pretty chuffed. A couple of months ago I got a mono CCD camera, which didn't work properly straight out of the box and had to be sent back to Atik to replace the USB port. It came back, and I'm delighted. As well as getting variable star observations accurate to within 0.05 mag, and some nice spectra (my main purpose in getting the camera) I have also got some nice data on some deep sky objects.
The first to come together is this 140:30:30:30 min image of NGC 1365, with an Atik 383l+, 10" SCT with f/6.3 reducer, collected over the the weekend. I'm pleased with this as a first effort. It's pretty heavily cropped as I didn't have the camera in the same orientation for all the different channels so only the central part aligned with all colours and luminance.

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