Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Filters bring out Venusian detail

Ultraviolet filtered view of Venus

Venus is not often high on people's viewing agenda. The atmosphere is so dense and reflective that there's little to see through a scope other than a very bright disc—or partial disc, as it is at the moment. Yes, Venus has phases from our perspective, just like our Moon does.

But lately, Murrumbateman's Anthony Wesley has been using filters to bring out some intriguing detail in this planet. Above is from 15 October, taken well before sunset:
Here is a UV image of Venus from today, image captured approximately 5.18pm, just over 90 minutes before sunset. Interesting swirly bits around the equatorial region that were not there a couple of days ago.
A few days earlier, Anthony posted these photos:
Here are two Venus images from today - first is a UV image showing lots of cloud detail, and second is an IR image using an 889nm filter showing some subtle cloud detail that is very different from the first image.

Venus through an ultraviolet filter.

Venus through an infra red filter

Anthony added that it is a Schuler UV filter from Astrodon that he's putting to such good use.

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