Monday, 28 October 2013

More Venus detail from Anthony Wesley

At the latest Canberra Astronomical Society meeting, Anthony Wesley described Venus as his "new favourite planet", a big call for anyone who knows how much time he spends photographing Jupiter and Saturn!

Here are Anthony's latest photos of Venus, in ultraviolet:

And in infrared:

Anthony says he used Registax to process the images by means of wavelet sharpening, levels and curves. The edge effect in the IR photo is, he says, due to the un-enhanced exterior, versus the enhanced interior:
"Here is the first image taken through a 1 micron longpass filter. I've limited the enhancement to only the central region of the disk as the edge blows out greatly if I include it. There is some nice structure in the clouds.
"16 inch newtonian
Thorlabs 1000nm longpass filter
ASI120MM camera"
Get out and enjoy the incredibly bright Venus while you can—it makes for some wonderful photo opportunities. Its retrograde orbit (backwards—West to East—relative to us) peaked recently, so it's back on its way down west towards the Sun.

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