Saturday, 16 November 2013

Jupiter is returning to our evening skies, and when you think Jupiter, think Anthony Wesley

Few CAS members know Jupiter like Anthony Wesley does. He's the guy who shot to world fame when he spotted a massive impact zone left by an object that crashed into the giant planet in 2009.

With Jupiter rising earlier and earlier, we will start to see more photos coming through.

Here are two recent shots from Anthony. This shot he took from Rubyvale in Queensland, on a borrowed scope:
We've had thunderstorms the last couple of days in the afternoon and evening, but by 3am (QLD time) the sky has been clear. Here's an image of Jupiter taken using Phil Miles' 14" LX200 and my filters+camera. Here's hoping the seeing continues to improve!
The next shot uses infrared channel only, showing some big differences around the storm belts:
Jupiter from this morning in slightly better conditions. IR was the only channel worth capturing, but it came out ok.

Here's an interesting snippet on Jupiter: the gas giant incorporates 2.4 times the total mass of every single other object in our entire solar system apart from the Sun.

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