Friday, 1 November 2013

Great astrophotography doesn't always need a telescope…

"Looking south west over the frog filled dam"

Peter Treyde lives not far east of Queanbeyan and has a pretty good sized dam on his property. On a still night, it makes for beautiful pictures with just a camera and a tripod.
We have been doing a frog census on one of “our” dams. Sitting under the stars recording frog calls, measuring air and water temps is one thing, so I thought I might take a few pictures while we were out.I still have much to learn about this night sky photography caper. But I hope you enjoy them. I would really like to get the milky way reflected in the dam, probably a project for a night in June.You can see the light pollution of Canberra in the western sky.Details Canon 5DMk2, 16mm @f4, ISO 3200, 30 sec exposure.
"Looking south over our house"

"Looking south west (the neighbours had their lights on)"

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