Friday, 1 November 2013

Nice galaxy NGC 55 in the Sculptor constellation by Peter Treyde

NGC 55 is an edge-on barred spiral galaxy about seven million light years away. Peter Treyde took this nice photo in early October from his home east of Queanbeyan, in poor seeing. His description:
It is composed of about 9hrs of 30 min subs, RGB. Unfortunately the stars were twinkling and the seeing was poor on two of the three nights I imaged. I think the FWHM values were around 3arc sec on most of the subs.
It is an RGB image binned 1x1. No luminance.Telescope is an Officina Stellare RC360Mount is a Paramount MECamera, filter wheel filters and focuser FLI 16803, CFW4-5, AtlasLodestar Auto-guider (off axis)Pyxis 3” rotatorExposures: 6xR 6xG 5xB (30 min subs at -35C)Software: TheSkyX, Maxim DL, CCD inspector, FWHM Monitor, FocusMax, PixInsight.
Yes, the hobby of astrophotography involves a lot of hours outside, and probably just as many in front of the computer!

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