Thursday, 26 September 2013

The globular cluster 47 Tucanae, by Mark Nickols

In the Southern Hemisphere, we have some of the best globular clusters, including the biggest of all Omega Centauri with some five million solar masses, and this beauty: 47 Tucanae with about one million solar masses. Here's a good shot of "47 Tuc" by Mark Nickols:
I'm still struggling with guiding issues, but just to prove my issue is not optics, I again pointed the scope southward where things don't move around so much and snapped 47 Tucanae last night, just to prove I can manage to take round stars (as opposed to eggs, tadpoles, dumbbells, etc). I personally prefer Omega Centauri, but it's pretty impressive nonetheless (the globular cluster, not necessarily the image).
10 x 3 minute exposures. Scope: LX200 8", f/6.7 focal reducer.Camera: SBIG STF8300C

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